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October 2010

A three-day International Event on Greening Education will be held from 27th to 29th of October 2010 in the "green" city of Karlsruhe, Germany. This event will take academia, education and environmental policy makers, senior members of academic institutions, representatives of government and non-governmental organisations and international development agencies, teachers and school administrators, sustainable development and environmental management professionals and other stakeholders through the need for greening education and then discuss effective initiatives that can be taken to translate “education for sustainability” in to actions.

Further to the knowledge sharing on greening education including topics such as ecologizing curriculum (incorporating sustainability), greening of courses and creating low carbon education institutions; the upcoming event also provides an excellent networking opportunity with academia, sustainable development practitioners and other stakeholders in Europe and beyond. An excursion (optional) on Saturday the 30th of October, 2010 is planned which will also provide an additional and informal networking opportunity.

You are cordially invited to attend this international event and/ or nominate the member(s) of your institution.

For further information, please see the


March 2010

UNESCO participates in the 5th World Urban Forum (News)
The fifth session of the World Urban Forum (WUF) will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from 22 to 26 March under the theme "The Right to the City - Bridging the Urban Divide." The world's leading conference on cities, which is organized by the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT) every two years, examines the most pressing problems related to the urban context.

December 2009

Exhibition and events at puna 19-23 December
Celebration of our Living Culture – ACCU Asia/Pacific ESD Photo Caravan comes to India (Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune)

Tentative Schedule

19– 23 december,2009
Yashwant rao Chavan Natyagriha, Kothrud





Exhibition and events at puna 19-23 December
Celebration of our Living Culture – ACCU Asia/Pacific ESD Photo Caravan comes to India (Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune)

Tentative Schedule

19– 23 december,2009
Yashwant rao Chavan Natyagriha, Kothrud


Submissions for 13th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, “ICT Transforming Education”, 15-17 November 2009, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China

Pedagogy for Sustainable Development – workshop announcement

A two-day workshop using a Pattern Laboratory Approach
Visby, Sweden 4–5 November 2009.


5th World Environmental Education Congress will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal from May 10 to 14, 2009.


The "World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development - Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade" will be held in Bonn, Germany, from 31 March to 2 April 2009. More

Bonn Declaration

CEE Material for ESD World Conference-Bonn





The 4th World Teachers’ Day in Thailand and12th UNESCO-APEID International Conference
Quality Innovations for Teaching and Learning

8-11 December 2008
IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Meeting
Geneva, Switzerland Apr 1 2008 to Apr 3 2008
The meeting of Partners to develop an overarching framework for UNEP Global Mercury Partnership will be held from 1-3 April 2008, in Geneva.

8th International Conference of the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE)
Cape Town, South Africa Apr 5 2008 to Apr 11 2008
This invitation-only conference will be organized around the theme “Successful Strategies for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement.”

28th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 28)
Budapest, Hungary Apr 9 2008 to Apr 10 2008
This meeting is tentatively scheduled to be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 9-10 April 2008.


IISD Conference: A Way Forward: Canadian and International Perspectives on Post-2012 Climate Policy
Ottawa, Canada Mar 3 2008 to Mar 4 2008
The purpose of the conference is to examine the scope and implications of the Action Plan agreed at the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference. Participants will consider what can be expected to take place over the next two years. The meeting will aim to increase international understanding of key Canadian sensitivities and concerns, and Canadian understanding of international perspectives in regard to the emerging climate change regime.

GLOBE 2008
Vancouver, B.C., Canada Mar 12 2008 to Mar 14 2008
The GLOBE 2008 Conference will welcome more than 2,000 delegates in the business of the environment from around the world. Marking the tenth event in the GLOBE series, GLOBE 2008 will serve as an exceptional opportunity to access critical strategic business intelligence on issues shaping the global economic and environmental agenda.

Gleneagles Dialogue on Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development
Chiba, Japan Mar 14 2008 to Mar 16 2008
The Gleneagles Dialogue is a multi-year, multi-government, public-private policy dialogue on climate change and clean energy issues, the findings of which will be submitted to the G8 summit process at this meeting in Japan.

Arctic Science Summit Week 2008
Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia Mar 26 2008 to Apr 2 2008
The summit of influential organizations engaged in Arctic and polar research and planning is to provide opportunities for international coordination, collaboration and cooperation in all areas of Arctic science and to combine science and management meetings.


3rd World Congress on Biosphere Reserves
Madrid, Spain Feb 4 2008 to Feb 9 2008
This Congress will focus on the five points agenda, which will elaborate an action plan for the world network of biosphere reserves for the period 2008-2012.

International Conference on Climate Change Diplomacy
Salina Bay, St. Paul’s Bay, Malta Feb 7 2008 to Feb 8 2008
This conference will focus both on traditional and innovative approaches used in climate change diplomacy. It will address capacity-building, training and other needs of small states that, due to limited financial or human resources, do not participate fully in climate change diplomacy.

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) 2008: Sustainable development and climate change
New Delhi, India Feb 7 2008 to Feb 9 2008
DSDS will offer a platform for leading figures from North and South to address the vital issues of climate change and sustainable development, and to set the stage for an intensified search for global solutions during the year.

World Conference on Development Cities
Porto Alegre, Brazil Feb 13 2008 to Feb 16 2008
This conference, organized by the Municipality of Porto Alegre in Brazil, in partnership with UN-HABITAT, UNESCO, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank, will address: Local Policies on Citizens Rights and Responsibilities; Innovative Experiences of Democratic Participation and Administration; Local Development in Cities; and Sustainability and the Network City. The Conference will also focus on issues related to urban poverty and urban inequalities; HIV/AIDS; gender; civil society participation; local private sector development; and environmental sustainability/climate change.


Fourth World Urban Forum
Jan 1 2008 to Jan 1 2008; Nanjing, China
Designated by the UN General Assembly as an advisory body, the World Urban Forum is an open-ended think tank designed to encourage debate and discussion about the challenges of urbanization.

The International Coral Reef Initiative General Meeting

Jan 22 2008 to Jan 25 2008; Washington, DC, United States of America
The Governments of Mexico and the US, as co-hosts of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) Secretariat, in conjunction with the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, are hosting this first General Meeting of the current secretariat and the launch of the International Year of the Reef.

Fourth Austrian JI/CDM Workshop
Jan 24 2008 to Jan 25 2008; Vienna, Austria
This Austrian Workshop on Joint Implementation (JI) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol will bring together project developers, investors, validators and governmental authorities with the aim of updating participants about recent developments and future perspectives after the UN climate change conference in Bali. The workshop is aimed at companies and institutions interested in exchanging information and lessons learned.




Thirteenth Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC and Third Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol
Dec 3 2007 to Dec 14 2007; Bali, Indonesia
UNFCCC COP 13 and Kyoto Protocol COP/MOP 3 will take place from 3-14 December 2007 at the Bali International Conference Center and adjacent Nusa Dua facilities, Indonesia. These meetings will coincide with the 27th meetings of the UNFCCC’s subsidiary bodies and the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments from Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol. COP 13 and COP/MOP 3 are also expected to be accompanied by a UNFCCC Dialogue on Long-Term Cooperative Action on Climate Change and various other events.

Global Minor Use Summit
Dec 3 2007 to Dec 7 2007; Rome, Italy
The conference aims to: address challenges in specialist use and minor crops; discuss requirements for residue trials; discuss approaches to harmonized data; support crop classification and grouping measures; and to support countries’ access to advance residues programmes.

International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation: Roles of traditional forest-related knowledge
Dec 17 2007 to Dec 20 2007; Kunming, China
Organized by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and others, this conference will provide a platform for sharing of information and exchanging experiences related to traditional forest-related knowledge (TFRK) in the Asia-Pacific region, and highlight the importance of TFRK in achieving the millennium development goals and sustainable forest management.


Fourth International Conference on Environmental Education
24- 28 November 2007; Centre for Environment Education; Ahmedabad, India
The Conference will be a forum to show that Education works, to make it a part of decision-making, and scale it up. It will be a platform for sharing of practices and learnings; exchange of ideas and information on ongoing and planned initiatives in the field of Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) the world over.

Workshop Presentations at the Conference

Sustainability – Creating the Culture
15 – 16 November 2007; Perth, Scotland
The Sustainable Development Research Centre has announced its third annual conference “Sustainability – Creating the Culture” that aims to build productive partnerships between people working in fields related to corporate social responsibility, environmental management, social enterprise and sustainable development.
Email: For registration, contact Wendy Galloway at

Energex 2007
26 – 30 November 2007; Singapore

The 12th International Energy Conference and Exhibition will aim to give new insights on global energy issues from the technical, social and economic dimensions environment.
Email: (Energex2007 Secretariat)
Registration Begins: May 2007
Deadline for Paper Submission: 1 August 2007


South American regional consultation towards an IMOSEB
Oct 2, 2007 to Oct 3, 2007; Bariloche, Argentina
The South American regional consultation towards an International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity is organized by the IMOSEB Secretariat, during the second Latin American Congress of National Parks and other Protected Areas.

Technical Workshop Meeting on Emissions from Aviation and Maritime Transport
Oct 4, 2007 to Oct 5, 2007 Oslo, Norway
This workshop is organized by Norway with the assistance of the European Environment Agency (EEA). The Workshop aims at enhancing reporting of greenhouse gas emissions related to aviation and maritime transport; also to try to find a common view between relevant Parties of the UNFCCC on methodological aspects related to reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation and maritime traffic.

WTO Public Forum 2007: How Can the WTO Help Harness Globalization?
Oct 4, 2007 to Oct 5, 2007 Geneva, Switzerland
The WTO Public Forum 2007 will address how the WTO can help harness globalization. Sub-themes for the forum include global governance and the interaction of trade and sustainable development.

Sixth IWA Specialty Conference on Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability
Oct 9, 2007 to Oct 12, 2007 Antwerp, Belgium
This conference will provide a platform to exchange experiences in water reuse from dry and wet climate areas, industrialized and rural areas, and high and low income countries. The debate will be centered on issues such as risk management, financing, water quality, use of high tech versus low tech, water reclamation in industry, sustainable irrigation practices using reclaimed water, and water reclamation in urban water supply.

UNECE/FAO Policy Forum: Opportunities and Impacts of bioenergy policies and targets on the forest and other sectors
Oct 10, 2007 Geneva, Switzerland
Hosted by the European Forestry Commission of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), this forum will build on open questions and recommendations from the Wood Mobilization Workshop in January 2007 in Geneva, and focus on possible impacts and consequences of increased wood utilization on and by other sectors and other geographical regions.

Third International Yellow River Forum on Sustainable Water Resources Management and Delta Ecosystem Maintenance
Oct 16, 2007 to Oct 19, 2007 Dongying City, Shandong Province, China
This forum will provide suggestions and plans for the sustainable utilization of water resources and delta ecosystem maintenance of the Yellow River and other rivers in the world. Some of the main themes of the forum are: integrated water resources management and developing trends; sustainable water resources exploitation for sound ecosystems; protection and rehabilitation of the delta ecosystem; delta ecosystem and exploitation mode; water environment protection and harmonization of the river's many functions; regional water resources allocation and inter-basin water regulation; and water rights, water markets and water saving.

International Conference on the Future of Forests in Asia and the Pacific: Outlook for 2020
Oct 16, 2007 to Oct 18, 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand
This regional conference will collate a wide range of information pertinent to the forestry sector, identify trends, and plot future opportunities and constraints to sustainable forest management.

8th Annual Global Environmental Taxation Conference
Oct 18, 2007 to Oct 20, 2007, Munich, Germany
This meeting will focus on “Innovation, Technology and Employment: Impacts of Environmental Fiscal Reforms and Other Market-Based Instruments.”

Expert Group Meeting: Innovative Finance for Sustainable Development
Oct 18, 2007 to Oct 19, 2007, United Nations (UN) headquarters, New York, United States of America
The UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) will be holding its 16th session in the first half of 2008, focusing on policy options and practical measures to address challenges in the areas of agriculture, desertification, drought, rural development, including a special focus on Africa. To inform the discussions, the Division for Sustainable Development, which acts as Secretariat to the Commission, will organize this meeting, with a particular focus on the themes of CSD-16.

United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) 2007 Global Roundtable - 'Awareness to Action': Sustainable finance for today's global markets
Oct 24, 2007 to Oct 25, 2007, Melbourne, Australia
At the cutting-edge of sustainable finance, this year's Roundtable will be an opportunity to discuss new ideas and challenges in the complex arena where finance meets with sustainability. UNEP FI's vibrant global network will tackle the latest sustainability issues with a focus on emerging markets.

Connect Africa Summit on Technology for Africa's Development
Oct 29, 2007 to Oct 30, 2007, Kigali, Rwanda
The Connect Africa Summit aims to boost information and communication technology infrastructure in Africa so as to advance development on the continent. The Summit will bring together the private sector, governments, international organizations and civil society to seek ways to address the “digital divide” across the continent and promote the use of information technology to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.


5 – 7 September 2007; Coimbra, Portugal
ECOSUD 2007, the sixth in the international conference series on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development, will aim to encourage and facilitate the interdisciplinary communication between scientists, engineers and professionals working in ecological systems and sustainable development.
Email: (Rachel Swinburn)

UKFIET Conference 2007
11 - 13 September 2007; Oxford, England
On the overall theme "Going for Growth? School, Community, Economy, Nation", the UK Forum for International Education and Training (UKFIET) Conference seeks to make further contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. The conference will consist of the following three sections, supported in turn by shorter symposia: providing education for growth and development, learning for personal growth and social well-being, and, education and economic growth.
Email: (Sarah Jeffery)
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 2 March 2007

International Development Conference 2007
20 – 23 September 2007; Toronto, Canada
The first International Development Conference will show case different development activities and projects in many parts of the world as relates to the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

International Conference of All India Association for Educational Research (AIAER)
14- 16 September 2007; Adipur, India
The Conference is being organised by Dada Dukhayal College of Education. The conference focusses on increasing awareness in ESD.
Last Date of Registration: 15 August, 2007





World Water Week
12 – 18 August 2007; Stockholm, Sweden
The World Water Week will be held under the overall theme “Progress and Prospects on Water – Striving for Sustainability in a Changing World.” The event will examine progress on water-related development, anticipate and promote the prospects for achieving a desirable future, and look to renew partnerships for sustainable development.
Registration Begins: April 2007

Asian Urbanization Conference
18 – 23 August 2007; Chun-cheon city, Republic of Korea
Email: (Dr. Nakhun Song)
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31 March 2007


Powerstock Festival
27 July 2007; Albanella, Italy
Recognized by UNESCO Italian National Commission as a DESD initiative, the Festival, is the first edition of an annual music event that sustains its efforts, from year to year, to integrate the principles of sustainable development into mainstream of popular culture.

Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development
10 – 11 July 2007; Loughborough, England
The fifth conference on Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development aims to focus on the exchange of latest ideas and developments on sustainable product life-cycle from design to disposal, and simulate technical and scientific discussions on sustainable development and the implications for manufacturing industry.
Email: (Mrs. Sally Mitton)
Deadline for Manuscript Submission: 11 May 2007

World Conference on Science and Technology Education
8 - 12 July 2007; Perth, Australia
The conference focuses on ESD, World Health, Science for Life and Citizenship and educational directions and priorities of the International Council of Associations for Science Education.
Email: (Elaine Horne & Robin Groves)

World in Transition – Sustainability Perspectives for Higher Education
5 – 7 July 2007; San Luis Potosí, Mexico
The Second International Conference “World in Transition – Sustainability Perspectives for Higher Education”, envisages to an experts exchange on aspects related to implementing sustainable development into teaching and learning at higher education institutions.
Email: (Ricardo Noyola)
Deadline for Paper Submission: 30 June 2007

World Environmental Education Congress 2007
2 – 6 July 2007; Durban, South Africa
The fourth World Environmental Education Congress will convene on the theme “Learning in a Changing World.” The Congress hopes to extend creative opportunities for dialogue, reflection and evaluation in a growing and dynamically evolving field that is currently engaging with the outcomes of the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the implications of the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development.


International Conference on Whole Life Urban Sustainability and its Assessment
27 – 29 June 2007; Glasgow, Scotland
Organized by SUE-MoT, the theme of the conference is “Sustainable Urban Development: Meeting the Challenges of Whole Life Assessments.”

Ecological Integrity and a Sustainable Society Conference
24 – 29 June 2007; Halifax, Canada
The Ecological Integrity and a Sustainable Society Conference will focus on the role that ecological integrity plays in achieving health, global justice and a sustainable society.

The International Forum on Applied Sustainable Development
18 – 20 June 2007; Quebec, Canada
The University of Sherbrooke is organizing the International Forum on Applied Sustainable Development with the objective to share the strategies and tools developed by various organizations that have undertaken sustainable development initiatives both nationally and internationally.

An International Dialogue On Sustainable Development
11 – 15 June 2007; Green Bay, Wisconsin
The second “Sharing Indigenous Wisdom: An International Dialogue on Sustainable Development Conference” will look to foster dialogue on traditional indigenous knowledge being utilized and incorporated as models and methods of sustainable practices.

International Association Impact Assessment 2007
2 – 9 June 2007; Seoul, Republic of Korea
The IAIA07 conference will focus on the potential role of impact assessment in promoting good governance and corporate stewardship to reconcile the desire for economic growth with the requirements of sustainable environmental management.


Eco-Minds Youth Forum 2007
31 May - 3 June 2007;Bangkok,Thailand
Eco-Minds Forum, organized within the scope of the Bayer/UNEP partnership, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from May 31 to June 3, 2007.The activities, under the topic "Thinking Sustainability: Fresh Water Supply", are designed to encourage students to develop scientific, interdisciplinary and sustainable solutions. It includes substantive presentations, lectures from prominent speakers and discussions, exploratory excursions and challenging group work.

Sustainable Development, Culture, Education
30 May – 2 June 2007; Debrecen, Hungary
The Department of Applied Ecology, University of Debrecen, Hungary is organizing the Fifth International Conference of the Journal of Teacher Education and Training, and UNESCO Network “Sustainable Development, Culture, Education”. On the theme Theories and Practices for Education of Sustainable Development, the conference seeks to become an international forum for ideas on academic, professional and research based teacher education, in-service education, lifelong education, self-education and other issues regarding sustainable development, culture, and education.
Registration Fee: € 150
Deadline for Paper Submission: 31 March 2007


24 – 25 May 2007; Prague, Czech Republic
The International Conference to Questions of the Sustainable Development of Regions will present existing, and search new strategies and role of sustainable development management in society, economics and environment.

EcoSummit 2007

22 – 27 May 2007; Beijing, China
The theme for EcoSummit 2007 is “Ecological Complexity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for 21st-Century's Ecology” and aims to encourage a greater integration of both the natural and social sciences with the policy and decision-making community to develop a better understanding of the complex nature of ecological systems.

International Consultation on Education for Sustainable Development: Engaging the Corporate Sector
23 – 25 May 2007; Bonn, Germany
The UNESCO DESD Secretariat (Paris), in partnership with UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre (Bonn) is hosting a consultation with corporate sector firms and organizations in Bonn, from 23-25 May 2007, in collaboration with several partners, including, the UNESCO Asia-Pacific of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) (Bangkok), the United Nations Environment Programme (Nairobi), InWEnt (Bonn) and BIBB (Bonn)


Voices from the Margin: Education for Sustainable   Development
11 - 14 April 2007; Plymouth, England
The University of Plymouth and Eden Project are hosting an international conference on Education for Sustainable Development, "Voices from the Margin" with six core strands: Indigenous Education, Peace and Social Justice, Eco-feminism, Spirituality, Bioregionalism, Corporate Social Responsibility. The conference will challenge mainstream conceptions of ESD and bring together voices that have been marginalized or that are on the margins of the sustainability movement and specifically within Higher Education.


Pathways to our common future
18 – 21 March 2007; Barcelona, Spain
The annual meeting of the Alliance for Global Sustainability was scheduled with the aim to: raise awareness and create values for our common future; develop pathways as an underlying concept for sustainability science; and, identify how pathways will aid the choices in and adaptability of social and technical systems for the near-term future.

Asian and Pacific Youth Forum on Sustainable Development
11 – 17 March 2007; Kyoto, Japan
The Youth Forum hosted sessions to exchange experience and knowledge, cultural events, and site visits in or near Kyoto. Open to the general public, including representatives of government, media, international agencies, academia, and civil society, the Forum included the 26 student winners of the Asia and Pacific Student Essay Competition on Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Pathways: New Research and Practices
6 – 7 March 2007; Melbourne, Florida
Florida Tech College of Business and College of Science, and Budapest University of Technology and Economics organized an interdisciplinary forum Sustainable Pathways: New Research and Practices. The forum focused on practical solutions to emerging sustainability issues from business, science and socio-political viewpoints.


World Sustainable Energy Days 2007
28 February – 2 March 2007; Wels, Austria
The World Sustainable Energy Days is a series of four conferences and an exhibition that offers a unique combination of events on sustainable energy production and use, covering energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for buildings, industry and transport.

Tech SUNR 2007
24 – 25 February 2007; Parlakhemundi, Orissa
The National Conference on Technology for Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge and inter-disciplinary perspectives for the common goal of promoting technologies for protection, conservation, restoration and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science
20 – 23 February 2007; Auckland, New Zealand
The second International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science met on the theme “Talking and Walking Sustainability.” The conference was an avenue to present some of the most recent achievements in sustainability and debate its application to the real world.

International Conference on the Environment : Survival and Sustainability
19 – 24 February 2007; Nicosia, Cyprus
The aim of the International Conference on the Environment: Survival and Sustainability was to contribute to the worldwide debate and efforts on strengthening the bridge between theory and practice in meeting environmental threats and challenges.

The 2010 Imperative
20 February 2007; 12:00 – 15:30 EST; Interactive live web-cast
To successfully impact global warming and world resource depletion, it is imperative that ecological literacy become a central tenet of design education. To this end, the 2010 Imperative Global Emergency Teach-In was scheduled, aimed at students, faculty, deans and practicing professionals in the architecture, and, planning and design communities from across the world. The event was held as an interactive web-cast, broadcast live from New York, and addressed the interdependence between ecology and design that is virtually absent in many professional curricula.

Development and Management of Water and Energy Resources
13 – 16 February 2007; Lucknow, India
The Sixth International Research and Development Conference, “Development and Management of Water and Energy Resources – Needs and Challenges provided a forum for exchanging information on new technologies and strategies for the sustainable development of water and energy resources and how new emerging situations are being tackled around the world.

Time to Adapt – Climate Change and the European Water Dimension
12 – 14 February 2007; Berlin, Germany
The German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety will host an international symposium titled “Time to Adapt - Climate Change and the European Water Dimension.” The Conference aims to provide a platform for representatives from governments, science and research, stakeholder groups and non-governmental organizations to discuss the likely impacts of climate change on water management and water dependent sectors as well as options for adaptation, and to strengthen the political profile of these issues.

Digital Learning Asia 2007
6 – 8 February 2007; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies, India is organizing the Digital Learning Asia 2007 that will bring some of the key drivers from the leading countries of technology-enabled education to deliberate on the most pressing challenges of technology-enabled education from capacity building to reengineering pedagogy, change management to providing digital access.


International Dialogue on Science and Practice in Sustainable Development
23 – 27 January 2007; Chiang Mai, Thailand
The international dialogue “Linking knowledge and action for sustainable production and consumption systems” aimed to foster effective collaborations between scientists and practitioners to advance the practice of sustainable development, through knowledge sharing and promoting national, regional, and international actions and implementation.

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2007
22 – 24 January 2007; New Delhi, India
”Meeting the MDGs: Exploring the Natural Resource Dimensions”, was the theme of the seventh Delhi Sustainable Development Summit. The focus was on exploring the natural resource dimensions of sustainable development.

World Social Forum 2007
20 – 25 January 2007; Nairobi, Kenya
With the theme, “People’s Struggles, People’s Alternatives”, the seventh edition of the World Social Forum aimed to provide an open space for individuals, civil society organizations and social movements from around the world to make the best possible impact of their activities, campaigns and struggles.

Sustainability Conference, 2007
4 – 7 January 2007; Chennai, India
The “Third International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability” was structured around the four fundamentals of sustainability, viz. Environment, Culture, Economy and Society.