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Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

International Conferences on ESD in India

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Centre for Environment Education, supported by UNESCO and UNEP organized a series of international conferences in India during the Decade. The conferences helped strengthen networks and partnerships, explored synergies with EE and the Earth Charter, and initiated mainstreaming of ESD into UNCBD processes. ‘Handprint: Action towards Sustainability’, launched in 2007 has found acceptance among many ESD practitioners and researchers internationally.
Education for a Sustainable Future, 2005
4th International Conference on Environmental Education, 2007
Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World, 2010
International Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and Education for Sustainable Development, CBD COP XI, 2012


Leveraging networks and working in partnership

MHRD supports some key initiatives of the Shastri – Indo-Canadian Institute in collaboration with several partners including Government of Canada. The Ministry also supports bilateral exchange programmes with several countries. These initiatives provide opportunity to Indians to gain scholarship through participation in academic programme and professional exchange with focus on sustainable development.